Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson was built in the 1860s, as part of a chain of fortifications protecting the great naval harbour of Portsmouth in Hampshire and its Royal Dockyard from a feared French invasion.  Something we hadn’t considered is that the fort was protecting the harbour from inland invasion….basically from them sneaking round the back.  The roof is covered in grass and sunken into the hill, so enemy forces would have been upon it, before they even knew it was there…ingenious!

Fort Nelson sits majestically atop Portsdown Hill, with amazing views of the Solent and the Meon Valley. The Fort stands today as a monument to the skills and ingenuity of Victorian engineering and architecture.  Unfortunatley is was misty….so we will have to go back to really appreciate the views.

Lots of bold, architectural shapes….plenty of rivets, some cannons with very elaborate designs, mostly Chinese, Portuguese or Turkish in origin.  Great underground tunnel system, worth standing there considering what the place would have been like when operational, the noise would have been imense.  I am not into arms or war history, but as a building and place of significance in our heritage, I was very moved.


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