Lustrous…..Garden Shed???

Not sure whether I came back from pottery class this morning inspired and feeling all creative or whether the light (bizzare really because it cloudy and grey today) and the rain had given the garden a lustrous edge.  Whichever it was, the usual garden paraphernalia had great texure and depth which I just had to capture.



  1. Having a sheen or glow.
  2. Gleaming with or as if with brilliant light; radiant.

Texture of the moss...and intrigue as to why the little 'mousehole'.

Usually just garden shed - today a plethora of texture, each visible side different. The roof coverered in bright moss, the end weather worn and faded, and the side, slated wood, dark and wet....and a great sulptural bush in the centre.

Bold, architectural, the distintion between the rust and the metal, contrasting diagonal roof slates

Rust stains

Smooth metal, big bold rivets, great tap!

Natural colours creating the texture on smooth metal, love the rivets...


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