Exploring Nelson – Mark I

In a departure from my usual work, this project is all about feeling and effects.  The ‘wounds’ on this vessel are the exact result of forcing ‘bullets’ through the clay.  The bullets were actually golf balls and a watering can spout, but the distortion of the clay and the apparent stresses and textures have not been tampered with.  This is not about visualising a finished object, rather starting with a blank canvas and feeling the energy and impact of forces and in a non-confrontational way, attack.  The vessel has submitted to the probing and manipulation and as a result, will tell you a story….however you wish to interpret.  Once it is fired and the clay has turned black, you could hold it with relics dug up from the sea, and it would not look out of place…..

The photos do not do this piece justice….and maybe that’s because it is all about feeling and touching, the tactile nature of the ‘blow holes’, that really bring this object to life.


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