Still Searching……

Back on my search for ‘a signature’.  Busy exploring the beauty of Scava Chunky Black Stoneware.  It’s like flapjack to work with and fires to a ‘tarmac’ finish.  A fantasic find, first discovered at the design centre in Islington as part of a students final year work.  I have just ordered two more bags as on part of my journey to develop a trademark, I think I might be getting through quite a bit of it.  A real joy to work with, apart from the sharp bits of grog that give your hands a battering.  Bought some hand cream too as a treat!

Searching through my collection of pot photos taken on my phone, I found this one of Sandy Brown’s.  Part of her ‘the still point and the dance’ exhibition at The Craft Study Centre and James Hockey Gallery Farnham, 1 July – 16 August 2008.  I love the size and imposing nature of this piece, the mixture of clays and the texture created by the clay and the range of glazes.


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