A foot of snow….and rising

More snow….my woolly hat has never seen so much action. Julian’s school closed today so impromptu day off to play in the snow, we just had to convince Flo that it was a good idea…..

It’s always special when you draw back the curtains and your usual morning view has been replaced with a magical winter snow scene, and there had been some snow over night.  We could hear branches of the trees, so heavily laiden with snow, just breaking under the weight.  Quite and erie sound on Odiham Common, and lots of trees had fallen on the tow path.  The canal looked picturesque, on the brink of being frozen.

Julian going out now in the landy to get emergency rations….red wine and crumpets.  If  you have a real fire, you have to use it – now, where is the toasting fork?!

Good Morning Snow

I don't think much of walking in it.....but I love eating it!

"I'm just having a staring competition with big hairy doggie, then I'll be right with you"

River Whitewater - Literally

You'll never win Mrs Pig?

Footsteps, down the middle of the canal....weird!

Hummm, I seem to have got used to the snow now. Different doggie than the one who wouldn't stick her paw out of the back door this morning.

Odiham Common from Whitehall crossroads

Only 40 miles, but not going anywhere today...


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