At home with nature

Having spent 11 hours in the car yesterday (did stop for 3 hour lunch and glass of port!), but that’s still 8 hours of driving, had a really need to get out in the fresh air this morning.  No snow here, but there had been a heavy frost.  The canal was frozen…just, but there were plenty of fishermen on the tow path braving it (or escaping it). 

Madam Butterfly, frozen in the Basingstoke Canal

The River Whitewater, chalk stream, is perfectly clear.  Not up for picking any wild watercress for sandwiches today, the water is just too cold to stick our hands in. 


Had my first sighting of a Little Egret, a small white Heron.  This bird has migrated to Britain from the continent and is now common along the south coast, although it is included on the Amber List by the RSPB as rare breeding species.  It was happily sitting on the edge of the Whitewater, until a big hairy doggie went charging in for a drink.  It then circled above us for a while and we later found it taking sanctuary downstream.

Little Egret

Hope hairy dog won't notice me down here

A huge flock of Canada Geese looked like they had stopped for rest and a snack. On passing by them and coming out from the underpass I caught a glimpse of a Kingfisher.  The distinctive flash of blue is unmistakable…but he was gone. Julian saw him on a fence post in the same place a few weeks ago, so it is possible he lives close by.

Were ok, the big hairy dog is too interested in the Egret to notice us.

Final part of the walk takes us past Newlyn’s Farm Shop, where we saw these lovely piglets.  Mum pig was busy snuffling in the hedge somewhere.  They weren’t too impressed with a big hairy doggie either.  Manged to get some onions though and went home for warming bowl of French Onion Soup, yesterday’s jumbo crossword and a crackling coal fire.  Simple pleasures……

These little piggies going to market

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  1. Cumbrian exile

    It’s always good to be home and you’ve been away quite a while.

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