A blow from St Bees

No better way to cure a fuzzy New Year’s Day head than a good blow by the sea.  St Bees is the start (or end) of the Wainwright Cross-England Coast to Coast walk.  

Welcome to St Bees

It was lovely sunshine when we arrived, we could just about make out the Isle of Man on the horizon.  The tide was in, so no sand, just a strip of enormous pebbles.  Apparently the geology here is quite famous…..something to do with rocks!

'The Beach'

Having walked the length of the beach, played skimming stones and revelled in the soothing sound of the tide shuffling the pebbles back and fore on the shore, we turned round and came back across the cliff tops…..the ultimate blow! Icy fresh winds – straight in your face, just the ticket.  Perfect timing for once, we got back just as it started to snow.  The hangover outing could have been topped by a bag of salty bag of chips with lashings of vinegar, but it’s New Year’s Day, the country is closed, not even the tea shop at St Bees was tempted to open…..so it was back to ‘Base Blindcrake’ for a sausage buttie….just as effective.

Ah...the perfect skimmer



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2 responses to “A blow from St Bees

  1. Cumbrian exile

    Is that Neil getting his feet wet by skimming from the very edge of the water?

  2. Bee

    Hey, I like the snow falling over the pictures, very clever. See you on Thursday I hope we can all put our heads together, I’ve got an idea. x

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