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I do have my uses…..

They think I'm silly - I quickly wised up to this dastardly trick


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Scotland puts in an appearance

Scotland is visable today in the distance, Criffell (1,866ft/569m).  This is what we should have been able to see from the Solway.  It’s clear up here today on the hill above Blindcrake and Scotland is easy to make out.

You can also see the disused quary at the far end of Blindcrake village.

Criffell from Blindcrake

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A formidable fell and ‘home mountain’ of Blindcrake.  It’s the Derwent Fells you see from the front window in the morning, but just a 5 minute walk up the track opposite and you are met with delights of Skiddaw and Bassenthwaite Lake (the only true lake in the Lake District).  The views on this snow covered visit have been enchanting.  Any photo cannot capture  the feeling of standing on Clints Crag gazing out to one of the oldest fells, it really has been breath taking. 

We’ve never bothered to climb Skiddaw before as it is considered to be ‘a bit dull’ from the Keswick ascent…from this northern view though, I have been converted.  Too cold and icy on this visit….but next time I’ll be up there.

Skiddaw - one of the oldest fells

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All we need now is an alpine bar, a tartiflette and mug of chocolate rhum.

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Good Morning Blindcrake

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Soaking on the Solway

From Allonby Bay you can see Scotland, well we could just, through the rain, mist and cloud.  Hardly a day for the beach, but why not if you can and really good to feel the fresh air.  The whole stretch of beach to ourselves..funny that!You can just make out the Robin Rigg offshore wind farm, the largest in the UK with 60 turbines.  The scenery here will be something else on a clear day…..must go back.

In case you can't make it out: Wind turbines on the left, Scotland on the right.

Criffell (1,866ft/569m) in Scotland, lurking under the cloud

Very murky sea, just before a wave goes rightover Julian's wellies.

Just to prove I was there - yes am soaking wet!

The beginnings of what turns out to be a lovely sunset, from Silloth Lifeboat Station


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Boxing Day at Loweswater

Everything underfoot was frozen, and it was a very precarious drive down the icy lane to the edge of the lake, but the the mountains were stunning and although cold, it didn’t take much of an incline in the path to make you feel the warmth from 3 jumpers, 2 coats, hat, ski gloves, scalf and thermal vest…..phew….we were steaming by the top!

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