In Search of a Signature – Puttenham Common

Some helpful advice at pottery class last week…..”your pottery doesn’t have a theme”.  I could put all my work on display and no-one would make the connection that is was made by the same potter.  It is true, I jump from one thing to the next without focus and without exploring the potential of a particular clay/glaze/firing technique.  In the last year I have made work from terracotta earthenware, stoneware, crank, chunky black stoneware, heavily grogged raku clay. I’ve tried raku, low-fired, high-fired, reduced and oxidised firings, smoke firing.  Pieces have ranged from Cornish Tin Mines, delicate colanders, Maureen (full sized bust), Raku fruit, bowls with duck feet, trumpet vases…the egg horn!!  I won’t go on, but it was a well made point that my pottery lacks a theme.

The trouble is I enjoy making anything out of clay, it is the idea that usually grabs me and then I work out how to make it, which clay/glaze etc.  So, I will have to turn this way of thinking on it’s head.  Stick with a clay, a theme, a direction …..and explore the potential……But first, lets try and capture what inspires me, what textures, colours and shapes make me smile.  What is it that tickles the brain into the realms of possibility…..

Here starts my self guided tour… search of ‘A Signature’……


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